Services include Car Wreck, Slip & Fall, Medical Malpractice, Products Liability, Elder Abuse/Nursing Home Neglect, Prescription Drug Ads and more.

“Personal injury” law covers a broad spectrum of cases. This could include an injury caused by a car or truck accident, a physician or a lawyer’s negligence or an injury due to unsafe property conditions. Having represented some of the state’s largest insurers in the past, and having worked with injury victims for more than a decade, Kaelin and his team have the experience to evaluate your claim and maximize your recovery.


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Car Wreck

Have you been injured in an automobile accident? Are you receiving calls from high-pressure insurance adjusters trying to convince you that speaking to an attorney is a bad idea?  Are you receiving medical bills that should be someone else’s responsibility? Automobile accidents present a whole host of complex legal issues that most claimants have no experience dealing with. Studies commissioned by the insurance industry have shown that claimants who hire attorneys to assist them recover significantly more money than unrepresented individuals. Don’t leave money on the table.

Slip and Fall

Have you been injured after falling on property owned by someone else?Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property in a safe condition and to warn visitors of dangerous conditions that exist, even if they are temporary. Many property owners carry insurance that will pay for medical expenses incurred as a result of falls on their property regardless of who is at fault.

Medical Malpractice

Have you experienced a negative outcome from a recent medical procedure? Not all negative outcomes are the result of medical negligence, but doctors are human and make mistakes just like everyone else.

Products Liability

Have you been injured as a result of a faulty tool, piece of equipment or product? In many cases, the original manufacturer or the seller of the item may be liable for injuries resulting from the product failure.

Elder Abuse/Nursing Home Neglect

Have you or an elderly loved one been taken advantage of financially? Have you had a loved one injured as a result of sub-par care at a nursing home or  rehab facility?  My firm has considerable experience protecting the rights of the elderly, and I would love an opportunity to discuss the specifics facts of your case with you.

Prescription Drug Ads

Have you seen a television ad about a prescription drug that you have taken? Did you know that most of those ads are run by law firms in Texas who have no local attorneys who can assist you to evaluate your claim?  If you’d rather deal with an attorney who will answer the phone when you call, and who will meet with you face-to-face to discuss your claim.

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